About the Photographer

About the Photographer

Kell Benson

A number of years ago, during an ascent of the Grand Teton, along with several family members, Kell Benson took a photo and something “clicked.” He was sharing an emotional experience with loved ones and wanted to be able to bring that feeling to life for others who were not present. He was hooked on finding places and scenes that evoke emotion. He has a passion for sharing his connection to the natural surroundings with others.

From an early age, Kell  was exposed to the beauty of the mountain west. He spent most childhood summers in the mountains around Estes Park, Colorado at a summer camp nestled near the boundary of Rocky Mountain National Park. These experiences were complimented by countless road trips to some of the most scenic destinations in North America, including a month long excursion to Alaska. Before enrolling at Colorado College, Kell completed a National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) course in Wyoming, Utah and Nevada, where he experienced the beauty of rarely seen backcountry areas of Wyoming and gained an appreciation for the beauty of the American desert.

For almost 20 years Kell’s immediate family has called Jackson home, and that is where he always aimed to land. After forays into corporate life in Chicago and Denver, Kell decided to take the plunge and move to Jackson himself. Kell has made Jackson Hole his full time home since 2014.

To keep up with his latest wanderings, check out the blog.